When James Sutton enters a room, you take notice. He has a spark. But not one of those look-at-me-I’m-the-man sparks. James’ magic comes from his inherent warmth and curiosity. Let’s just say that if connecting with people was an Olympic sport – James would be top of the podium. Now if the name James Sutton rings a bell, it’s because he’s kind of a big deal.
After completing programs at both Columbia Academy and VCC, James embarked on a successful 20 year run in Radio Broadcasting; holding down marquee positions with Canada’s top stations (whilst collecting many leather bound books). Audiences fell in love with James’ optimistic outlook and his ability to REALLY listen. And if there’s one industry that needs more listeners – it’s real estate.
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Take a tour with James through a sophisticated Crosstown loft

Join James Sutton and Shawn Lee as they take a tour of his sophisticated loft listing in Crosstown at Bowman Lofts. A luxurious 2 level loft with brick walls, timber beams and hardwood floors gives you the ultimate urban loft lifestyle.

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