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Selling a home is an exciting and emotional experience. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, the Blu Realty team will ensure that the sale of your home is a smooth one. Using this guide, we will work together to discover your needs and develop a sales strategy we can all get behind. This transaction could be one of the biggest of your life, so it’s vitally important that we’re all prepared. We at Blu believe that selling a home should be enjoyable and rewarding, and we have the tools and the Team to make that happen.
The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 1: Break the Ice

This Is
Who We Are

Blu Realty

Benefits of a
Boutique Brokerage

The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 2: Define Your Goals
The key to a seamless sale begins (and ends) with teamwork, so let’s make sure we’re working together towards the same goal. To get to that happy place, we must ask the right questions and find clear answers. With this information in hand, nothing can stop us from achieving our desired results.

Let's Look at
Your Situation

The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 3: Mark Our Calendars
Timing is everything and an integral part of our selling strategy. We must consider whether you have secured a new abode or if selling is strictly an investment decision. In any case, we want to figure out your ideal timeline to create a masterful marketing strategy that aligns with your life and maybe even the stars.


The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 4: Make It Official
Pricing is the most critical aspect of any sales strategy. Why? Because overpriced properties will be shown less often and, therefore, can be harder to sell. On the flip side, underpricing a home can mean a quick sale, but at your pocketbook’s expense. By completing a Comparative Market Analysis (or CMA), we can determine a listing price that will maximize your profit and (hopefully) lower your stress.

So let’s bust out those pens and calculators and sign some stuff!
The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 5: Show Off Our Stuff
We know what it takes to prepare a home for the market and how to create eye-catching print and digital content that highlights every property’s best attributes. Every listing is unique, and the real estate market moves fast. Our Creative Team is continually coming up with new and innovative ways to market homes beautifully and sell homes quickly.

Creative Cats

Erin Cebula and Mike Cockburn are the Creative Team at Blu Realty. Erin comes to the table with 20-plus years of media and storytelling experience, and Mike has been working magic behind the camera for over 15. Together (and with your input), they will create professional engaging content to make your property pop.
Play Video about Erin Cebula & Mike Cockburn
Every home has a story, and you only have once chance to tell it right. We at Blu do this with…

Property Preparation
and Home Staging

Let’s analyze your home from top to bottom to see what needs to be fixed, changed, or updated. It’s important that we spend time and money in the right areas to get the biggest return on your investment. Several factors will come into play, including your budget and time restraints. We’re here to advise you on what improvements need to be made before we list your property.

Home staging is proven to be an invaluable investment in showcasing homes in the best possible light. We’ll help you choose a staging company that suits your space and budget. And there’s a good chance it will be one of these fabulous, trusted companies we recommend.


From interior to exterior to aerial photography – we have it all covered. Our talented in-house photographer and drone pilot will ensure that your property is captured in the best possible light.

Floor Plans That
Floor You

We work with the best floor plan measurers and renderers in Vancouver and beyond. These collaborators create impressive and accurate 2D and 3D plans and, unlike us, they typically refrain from using cheesy puns.
Blu Realty Floor Plan Example - 3D Cross Section
Blu Realty Floor Plan Example - 2D


We believe that ‘story’ is at the heart of any successful real estate marketing video. And we inspire engagement and conversation by adding a human touch to all of our work. Blu’s creative content is produced with the highest production value possible for EVERY property. So grab yourself some popcorn and peruse through our YouTube channel.

Handhelds and
Curb Appeal

Our brochures are designed in-house and include stunning snaps and all the important details. We print our handhelds on high-quality paper and ensure that every potential buyer has these magical marketing materials – in hand – for every open house and private showing.
Blu Realty Brochures
Despite the huge leaps in technology taking place hourly, the ‘For Sale’ sign is still an extremely effective way to advertise. We’ve spent many hours (and dollars) creating signage with maximum curb appeal. Just ask us about all the buyers who have reached out after noticing our sexy street signs.
The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 6: Go Live
Ok, so we’ve decided on a price, signed the paperwork, and completed all those marvelous marketing materials. It’s now time to ‘Go Live’ and officially list your property on the MLS System. The MLS is the most powerful tool for marketing your home and we will ensure that our in-depth write-ups and fantastic photography wow potential buyers.

Get Social

The power of social media is undeniable. It’s an amazing tool to reach large numbers and target certain demographics. We will push your property to our social media channels and share it with our large database of clients. Blu has a combined following of over 6,000 followers between Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. We also have over 3,000 unique users clicking on this website ( every month. Trust us, your property will be seen by as many potential buyers as possible.
The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 7: Put On a Show

It's Time to Show Off
Your Property

Blu Realty Open House Sign
The Blu Realty Seller's Guide - Step 8: Seal the Deal

It's Closing

We sincerely hope we’ve given you the insight and answers you need to feel confident teaming up with us for the sale of your home.
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