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Back in the day, the West End was the peninsula's most upscale neighbourhood, home to super rich (and mainly straight 😉 ) railroad families.

The West End of today is lively, funky and the heart and soul of Vancouver’s gay and lesbian community. It’s also a mecca for character buildings and cheap eats; the gateway to stunning Stanley Park, and pleasantly progressive. The perfect place to put down roots and let your freak flag fly!

Old and new, big and small, affordable and expensive, there really is something for everyone in this neighbourhood, but the West End has more than just Freehold properties. Here you’ll also find Leaseholds and Co-Ops. Plus, there are so many unique pockets offering endless entertainment and activities to explore. And I’m here to break it all down for you.

Davie Village Sign in the West End Vancouver
Mustafa Akhtar in the Davie Village
West End Pockets

West of Denman

The area “West of Denman” is the seventeen block area bordered by Stanley Park, Beach Ave, Georgia Street and Denman Street. An area once awash with mansions and row homes before the Second World War, is now filled with mid-century residential buildings. Being right next to Stanley Park, naturally this part of the peninsula was the first to be developed.

Davie Street

This is the LGBTQ headquarters of the city and for good reason! Davie Street is home to some of city’s most colourful entertainment venues, restaurants, and businesses. This street is also lined with rental properties, but in recent years there has been an uptick in new high-end high-rises and cafes, with some very exciting projects coming up.

Beach Avenue

When you live moments from the beach — long walks on the sea wall, and picnics on Sunset or English Bay become a part of your lifestyle. It’s truly the sunsets, sea breeze and play time that make living on or around Beach Ave so compelling.

Mustafa Akhtar in the West End of Vancouver
In and Around the West End
  • With building names such as Ocean Villas, Ocean Plaza, and Ocean Apartments, it’s hard to forget that these condos are close to… yes, the ocean! Whether or not your building has amenities in-house, you can always bask in sunsets at English Bay, or stroll along the seawall around Stanley Park.
  • Two wheels and two feet will get you far in the neighbourhood. There are lots of shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, and things to do in the West End. Most people that live in the neighbourhood rely on walking or cycling. There is ample parking reserved for residents by the city (regulated by permits) if you like to drive.
  • The West End is ground-zero for many festivals in the city. The yearly Fireworks Extravaganza and Pride Festival are some of the many loved events that bring hoards of people to this neighbourhood. Some other neat activities include shopping at the West End Farmer’s Market, or dancing to the beat of the drum at the Third Beach Drum Circle.
Five Favourites in the West End
  • Stanley Park: Play tennis, pitch ‘n putt golf, lawn bowling, swimming in the outdoor pool, running, walking, or roller blading; there’s literally a million things to do in this huge park.
  • Fine Dining: Check out a restaurant on Davie or Denman.
  • English Bay: Pack a picnic, toss a ball, bring your dog and invite your friends too.
  • Third Beach: Stunning sunsets, tanning, and Drum Circles on Tuesday evenings.
  • Davie Village: Catch a drag show, sing your lungs out at Karaoke and dance the night away.
The West End in Vancouver
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