in-house design guy


If you are at all familiar with Blu Realty, you’ve probably noticed that we love our three word descriptions. We use this summary strategy to describe Westside homes, Gastown lofts, and our incredible team. It's a fun exercise that usually leads to laughs and multiple trips to thesaurus.com. But once and a while, the words literally hit you in the face. Summing up our in-house design guy and office frontman Mike Cockburn was like that. Guess it's because he's just so darn CREATIVE. LAID-BACK. METICULOUS.

Mike brings an optimistic, go with the flow approach to his work, but never loses sight of his mission. To create impactful designs that engage and inspire people who are passionate about Vancouver Real Estate. He also happens to be an architecture junkie who gets weak in the knees from the mere thought of timber beams, exposed brick and concrete floors.  Bottom Line: PERFECT. FIT. (for) BLU.

Currently Mike doesn't have any active listings. Check back soon.

"Born in creativity, forged in strategy,

wired for what's next."