The Golden Plates

The annual people's choice awards for the best eats in Vancouver are officially in. The Georgia Straights Golden Plate awards are on their 14th year and could be the best ever. I'd like to say I've eating at most of these awesome establishments but there is definitely some hot spots on my hit list now. Just like every year I go out and see all the nominated movies for the Oscars, I now intend to seek and destroy the Golden Plates picks I have not tried. 

This year Chambar  cleaned some serious house. If you haven't been to this kick-ass Crosstown restaurant, now is the time. 

CHAMBAR won 3 over-all titles and made top 3 in 6 other catagories and I would consider them the Arcade Fire of this years Juno's. 

Their winning categories include; 

Best Continental 

Best Pre-Theatre Restaurant

Best Restaurant Overall

Their Top 3 categories include; 

Best Pre-Game Restaurant

Most Romantic Restaurant

Best Restaurant Atmosphere

Best Restaurant to "Seal the Deal"

Best Restaurant to Flirt In

Best Restaurant Imported Beer Selection

Their little sister restaurant next store MEDINA also won a few awards and if you can actually get a seat, their breakfast is definitely the best. 

Chambar is located at 562 Beatty 

Medina is located at 556 Beatty