St. Valentine's Hot Listings

Monday, January 30, 2012

Considering February is pretty much the month of love or lust we thought a list of some of the sexiest Vancouver  listings on was in order!  You can love these or lust after them, it's up to you!

601-256 E. 2nd Ave, The Jacobsen


3287 Point Grey Road


335 Thompson Cr., West Vancouver


Clearyl it's easy to be sexy when when the sky is the limit and the word budget isn't in your vocabulary.  I'm sure if we all had the best personal trainers money could buy (ahem, and some disipline) we would be very sexy ;) But maybe it's sexier to be sexy with limitations.  So here are some moderately priced properties that are just as sexy.

605-256 E. 2nd Ave, The Jacobsen


203-350 E. 2nd Avenue, The Main Space


306-251 W. 4th Street, North Vancouver (don't look upstairs, may turn you off ;-b)


If you're looking for something sexy call me.....real estate only!  Have a great month!!