admin extraordinaire

Walk into Blu HQ and the first person you'll likely meet is the sweet, and smart-as-a-whip Savannah Boyd. Savannah is our Admin Extraordinaire; tasked with creative client care, listing management, social media and daily puppy wrangling. Yes, we have 2 office dogs. And yes, they are a handful. But the fact that Pickles & Stanley think everyday is Wrestlemania doesn't faze this motivated, Poli-Sci grad. Savannah's Queen's University education has taught her how to handle any situation, be a team player and to buck the status quo. Attributes we celebrate daily here at Blu Realty! To put it simply, Savannah steers clear of the cookie cutter approach. Because, let's face it, cookie-cutter just doesn't... well... cut it.

Currently Savannah doesn't have any active listings. Check back soon.
-- Savannah Boyd
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