Muucho Guusto

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Do you like getting gifts? Of course you do! Who doesn’t love a little token of appreciation that has been thoughtfully given from someone special. People have been exchanging gifts as a sign of peace and goodwill since ancient times, but times they are a changin’. There’s gotta be an app for that now! Drumroll please... This awesome new app is called Guusto!


Joe Facciolo stopped by the Blu Headquarters last week to give us the low down on this awesome new app that the Guusto team has worked tirelessly to develop. Joe founded Guusto alongside his partner Skai Dalziel.



Guusto is a new mobile gifting app that offers a thoughtful and easy way to instantly treat clients, colleagues, family or friends to a little something when you can't be there in person. Send drinks, food and more to wish happy birthday, thank, celebrate, reward, congratulate, impress, say sorry, encourage, cheer up, or just because... At Blu Realty we treat our clients like family, so we’ll be putting this app to good use showing our love and appreciation for our extended Blu Crew Fam!


The gift giving doesn’t stop with this app. Every time a Guusto gift is sent, they donate a day of clean drinking water to someone in need through One Drop projects. Nearly 800 million people in the world lack access to life’s simplest pleasure and basic need, clean water. When you give a gift with Guusto you’re playing a role in helping to solve this global crisis. Now that’s a beautiful gift!


Check out this video that shows how Guusto works:

For more information about Guusto, visit their website here

Or download the app from iTunes.


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