Minimalistic Living (part 1)

At VancityLofts we deal with small unique spaces on a daily basis. Most lofts in Vancouver are open concept lay-outs and take a fine trained eye to make the most of the space. Most of us have WAY too much "stuff." A minimalist lifestyle is one that is free of complications, clutter,confusion and distraction. It’s about trying to get back to the bare minimum of possessions. In doing that, it frees up your life to pursue the things you most value.

One of my favorite local home decor shops is 18 KARAT located at 3039 Granville St.  They are firm believers in minimalistic decor and their products support the workers in developing countries who rely on their handicrafts to provide the necessities of living for themselves and their families. Most of their products are hand made. 

Check out this interview by Terry Bradshaw from TODAY in AMERICA on living the minimalistic lifestyle

18KARAT on Youtube