Meat + Bread = Best of Both Worlds

Monday, January 23, 2012


On my way to Gastown, drivng on Cambie approaching Hastings I noticed a big sign out side "Meat + Bread". As simple as it sounds I thought to myself what a great name for a sandwich shop. Straight to the point, no guessing there on what say serve. I had to give it a shot because even from a glimpse passing by I had a feeling it was going to be good.

Unfortunately with no time to sit and actually enjoy the atmosphere I decided to get something to go.

With just a few specialty items on the menu, you know it's for sure going to be freshly roast meats and baked breads daily...yum!



I spotted the juicy porcheta on the cutting board and I thought I had to try it! Crispy, roasted to perfection pork belly wrapped around a roast with herb stuffing. Drizzled with Verde sauce sandwiched by golden focaccia. Not usually a big pork eater, I couldn't resist. It was delicious. Flavors were perfectly balanced, meat was juicy, with couple surprised crispy bits of the pork belly. Hummmm I could go for another one thinking about it.

They also have a collection of sauces that would bring your sandwich to the next level.

Check it out when you're in the neighbourhood, good price point and it's quality. They simply do it for the love of Meat + Bread.




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