Thursday, September 22, 2011

Often times event planning, procedures and even directions to a destination are over complicated and far too long.  Here is a short and sweet description of the process of buying Real Estate.

It’s simple.

Find a realtor at Blu who works in the area(s) you want to live in and deals in the type of property you want.

Please remember that finding the right person to represent you is every bit as important as finding the perfect property that suits you.  Make sure you're completely comfortable with the realtor who you choose to work with.

Step 1: LET’S TALK.  Come down to the blu headquarters.  Get to know us.  Relax and put your feet up, maybe play some guitar hero if you fancy it.  Cost. $0.

Step 2:  MORTGAGE APPLICATION.  A recommended mortgage broker will help you determine what price range you're comfortable in.  His/ her services cost you $0

Step 3: HOUSE HUNTING.  You've seen them online so now it's time to hit the streets and check some places out!  We will have a good time doing this, feel free to snoop.....I will :) 

Step 4:  MAKE AN OFFER.  Yippee!  You’ve found a new pad to call home!  Your hand may be a little shaky so you might want to practice your signature :)

Step 5: FIRM DEAL. This happens approximately 1 week after you and the seller have agreed on the terms of the offer you made. You’re satisfied with all documentation pertaining to the property.  You’re satisfied with the results of a home inspection.  You have secured your financing.  You are going through with the purchase.

Step 6: CLOSING. Property gets transferred in your name, you pay for the property in full and you take possession.

Step 7: MOVE IN and GET SETTLED. Set a date for your housewarming party and put us on the guest list!!

We will be a part of every step making sure no questions are left unanswered. Even after you have taken possession, we are here to ensure that you are happy and getting settled into your new home.

Lastly, we understand the magnitude of buying Real Estate, we've been through it ourselves and understand the different questions, thoughts and emotions you may experience.  We understand the trust and faith that our clients have in us and the responsibility that comes along with that.  It means a lot to us and we take it seriously.  

And of course, I'm always available to explain these steps in more detail.  Simply give us a ring to start the process and have some fun!

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