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Monday, June 11, 2018

North Vancouver has a 20 year development plan to turn Lynn Creek Town Centre into a “transit-orientated , mixed use community offering a wide-range of housing options.” The proposed changes will concentrate community services & facilities at its core while providing greenways to connect the community.  

The idea is to integrate multi-family residential, light industrial, and park uses into a complete transit orientated community.  For housing the goal is to implement a mix of housing types to accommodate people of all ages and incomes for the next 20 years.  

At the centre of this, where Lynn Creek meets Seylynn park, will be Hunter, the next landmark development lead by Intergulf Intelligence. Hunter will consist of two towers (26-storey and 16-storey) with two-storey townhouses in-between totalling 326 units in all. In addition there will be a brand new District of North Vancouver community recreation centre just east of Hunter.

North Vancouver’s proposed plan includes redesign and upgrade of Seylynn and Bridgeman Parks bringing greenspace right to the doorstep of the development.  Hunter will feature 8,400 square feet of landscaped greenspace including a 2,350 square feet of children play area, a great lawn, and a children’s trike loop. Also a cozy/indoor outdoor lounge to relax and listen to the nearby creek. 

Anticipated to be completed in late 2021. Hunter plans to be the heart of the community, fitting perfectly into North Vancouvers plan for the new Lynn Creek Town Centre. 

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