Happy Sellers: Dave, Lissa & Stella Miles

Thursday, October 23, 2014


For Dave & Lissa Miles, to sell or not to sell was a very big question. For many years this lovely couple and their pooch Stella had enjoyed the eclectic vibe and abundant parks of Mount Pleasant. But, like many 30 somethings, they were ready to start a family. Soon Dave, Lissa & Stella's appetite for the wilds of the Vancouver jungle waned, and the three began longing for more peaceful pastures. 

The decision to sell was complex and the source of endless debate for the family. Uprooting so close to the baby’s arrival and potentially distancing themselves from their caring, supportive neighbours seemed like a risky proposition. However, the market was humming, so they decided to take a stab at selling privately. There was immediate action on the expertly updated town home, and low ball offers came pouring in.  The interest was exciting, but Dave & Lissa quickly realized that their negotiating techniques were not where they needed to be to get the deal done right. It was time to call in a professional. 

Dave and Lissa decided to enlist the advice of Blu realty, specifically the uniquely charismatic proprietor, agent and friend Shawn Lee. Shawn suggested the best approach was to test the market with a multi-faceted selling strategy. This included a video, stunning stills and 3D floor plans from Barn Owl Photography, and a slick, multipage brochure highlighting the home’s many features. Shawn offered invaluable staging advice, and helped the duo rediscover the “soul” of their home. Applying Blu's 3 word marketing mantra, they determined that INSPIRED, CONTEMPORARY, and INVITING best described this incredible space. How could buyers refuse?




The Miles family home hit the market on a Wednesday; with a well attended wine and cheese fuelled sneak peek scheduled for the next evening. Then came the Open House weekend.  The opens were a roaring success, and 6 days after listing, they received 5 offers. As luck would have it, Dave was called out of town on business, so the now 9.5 months pregnant Lissa was Shawn’s only backup during offer presentations. The offers were all over asking – three subject free - and with the Miles’ desired possession date. Which happens to be 3 months after their baby boy is scheduled to make his debut.   Signed, sealed…and almost…delivered. 

Congratulations to Dave, Lissa, Stella & The Bun In the Oven, Blu’s newest Happy Sellers. 


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