HAPPY BUYERS: Sluggo & Christina

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

When you think back to the true hey-days of skateboarding, there are a bunch of names that instantly come to mind.  First there was Peralta and his Zephyrs, then the boys of the Bones Brigade, but what you may not know is that North Van has it’s own skateboard legend in Rob Sluggo Boyce. 



Sluggo, as he’s affectionately known, skated professionally for 12 years and was the first (and last) person to land a back flip on a skateboard. He’s also a family man with 2 beautiful kids and a passionate desire to give them the best life possible. And that’s where our Jen Friesen comes in…

Jen and Sluggo go way back to the days when Jen was entrenched in the skate and fashion scene, and Sluggo was building a multi-brand empire called RDS or Red Dragon Skate Supply. The two had an instant bond; sharing similar values and a certain joie de vivre. So, when Sluggo and his partner Christina contacted Jen to help find a new, North Vancouver home – Jen knew she had to deliver.


Similar to Sluggo’s moves in the bowl, their search was epic. They scoured the Shore for many months, wrote and lost several offers, and stepped away from 2 properties with suspect property evaluations. They also did something very few couples do during the house hunting process. Sluggo and Christina got engaged! Amazing news for sure, but now Jen was even more determined to find the couple their dream home so they could focus their attention on tying the knot.

Luckily, all three believe that hard work, and positivity leads to good things.  And when Sluggo, Christina and Jen walked into this lovely Lonsdale Townhouse they felt better than good – they felt great. The newly renovated, 3 bedroom home had a welcoming, cozy feel and was literally steps away from schools and every amenity imaginable. Jen encouraged them to write immediately, and now all 4 can call this wonderful space HOME.


Congrats to Sluggo, Christina, Liam and Araya. Blu’s new Happy Buyers.





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