Happy Buyers: Ken, Marla & Mona

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

It’s no secret that we have an amazingly talented crop of clients here at Blu. So, when we found out that Ken & Marla of Ken Diamond Leather Goods (kendiamond.com) were joining our roster of happy buyers, we were positively thrilled. Here's our take on this legendary couple who skillfully accessorize Vancouver's finest.

The Ken Diamond brand is best known for their collection of moccasins, but there's also a range of other leather goodies on offer such as cardholders, wallets, and belts. No matter what you’re after, every item in the studio has been handmade in the most genuine sense of the word. Ken & Marla are firm believers in doing things the old school way – the only machinery in the shop is of the press and punch variety. The result? Authentic original leather goods that pay tribute to the virtues of artisan design and craftsmanship. It's a given, of course, that everything in the studio is effortlessly cool (we love the Thomme moccasin).

Although a fixture in the East Van community for the past thirteen years, Ken & Marla started to yearn for change. So, they enlisted the help of Jen Friesen to find them a site for a second studio somewhere that would inspire. For the couple, this meant getting out of the city to a simpler place – in this case, the Sunshine Coast. Jen found them the perfect place with a cozy cottage and the requisite space for a studio in Lund, BC. Never heard of it? That’s exactly the point! Tucked away near Powell River, Diamond Cottage (as it’s aptly been named) oozes serenity and solitude. The perfect place for this creative couple and super pooch Mona to set up shop.

For the next month the Ken Diamond Studio located at 756 Powell St is undergoing an exciting re-vamp while the shop in Lund gets up and running. For updates about both studio locations follow Ken Diamond on Instagram and Facebook. We can’t wait to see what’s coming up for the Powell Street space and we wish happy Blu buyers Ken & Marla all the best in Lund!










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