Happy Buyer: Mason Little

Friday, June 27, 2014

Remember when all you needed in life was two wheels and the wind in your hair? Well, Mason Little lives in that world.  It’s the world of an (almost) 10 year old, and trust us - it’s a happy place.

You see, Mason used to be a city boy. He and his parents (who run Lux Visual FX) and little sister lived in a townhouse on the West Side of Vancouver. Mason liked urban living.  He liked having lots of friends, and he liked the abundant amenities.  But when his parents announced they were considering moving to the outdoor recreation capital of Canada aka Squamish, he got really excited.  Mason had always liked the idea of living in a small town, and visions of wooded adventures and tree forts soon began dancing in his head. But what truly tipped the scales for the little guy, was the prospect of having almost unlimited bike riding opportunities. 



We were lucky enought to witness Mason’s extreme hill bombing first hand, and it's off the charts. Mark our words. The fish tail skid that took place at the bottom of this hill WILL go down in Squamish history. 

Now, Mason’s new house doesn’t work him up quite like bike riding, but he definitely digs it. The 2 level home is in the heart of the coveted Highlands area and surrounded by forest. v1061533_201_94.jpg


Mason's folks and our Shawn Lee discovered the bright, modern 2 level after several months of hunting, and it really is the perfect family home.  It has an open concept kitchen and living area, a real wood burning fireplace, a downstairs play room (yay) and 5 cozy bedrooms. A lot of Mason’s stuff is still packed away in boxes, but that’s not getting him down one bit. For the first time ever, he will have his very own room, and that’s pretty cool. 


With his own room, bountiful bike riding,  AND the promise of many tree forts…I think it’s safe to say that Mason Little in one of our happiest buyers ever. Congrats buddy. We can’t wait for the tree fort-warming.



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