Granville Bridge Revamp?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Do we really need eight lanes on the Granville Bridge? 4 in each direction, that's more than the lanes on our No.1 highway.

The city planners are entertaining the idea of turning some of these lanes into a tree-lined pedestrian mall– a foot-friendly, cycle-friendly pathway right down the middle of the bridge.

As part of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 report, in total 187 proposals are on the table – nothing is off limits such as widening sidewalks. – in a bid to convert two-thirds of all trips in the city to cycling, walking and public transit by the year 2040.

What do you think?  Should two lanes of Granville Bridge be set aside for a pedestrian mall?  Would it make Vancouver a more walkable city? 

The Vancouver Sun published an artist’s sketch last week of the theoretical mall over the Granville Bridge.  Couples and families with little kids stroll down the middle of the lush pathway, while car traffic whizzes by on either side.  Trees and shrubs form a leafy green corridor.  Cyclists zip by under a heavenly blue sky.  Looks pretty darn nice to me.

Granville Bridge currently has eight lanes of traffic.

But would it work? That’s open to debate.  I personally think it would get plenty of use – from residents and tourists alike.  Strolling down Granville Street itself is a consummate Vancouver experience.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could continue your walk over the bridge, enjoy some great views of False Creek, then hook up with the galleries, boutiques and restaurants of South Granville?

Of course, that’s just one perspective.  Cost and traffic concerns also have to be factored into the equation, plus impact on local businesses.



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