Wednesday, May 22, 2019


Furnishing a new space from top to bottom is a wild ride, and one that I embarked on this past January. It’s taken four long (and sometimes agonizing) months to transform an empty West End condo into a warm and inviting home. I did it, but I DID NOT do it alone.

At the 2018 Home and Garden Show I met a cool dude named Bindy. He and his team were on site promoting their new(ish) luxury mattress line called Lunazen Sleep. The pitch was that this locally made, high-density foam mattress with a gel infusion was going to change my sleep life. This is music to the ears of anyone who has struggled with chronic insomnia – and I have. So I snuggled into one of the test beds and let my sleep deprived body relax. It didn’t take long for me to realize that a) I had been sleeping on too soft a mattress and b) said mattress did not regulate my body temperature, while Lunazen did. I was sold.  



Here are the essentials from Lunazen Co-Founder Bindy Baidwan.

Erin: What inspired you to create Lunazen? 

Bindy: We wanted to offer consumers a luxury high end product that is affordable

Erin: What makes your company and your mattresses different from other brands?

Bindy: Our technology, all are mattresses are handcrafted using the highest quality of materials. Lunazen Sleep is the only online mattress company in Canada, that is made in Canada and not compressed into a box. The mattress is made to order right here in the lower mainland. Each mattress is handcrafted, from start to finish and goes through 4 stages. After every stage a Quality Control Manager inspects the mattress to ensure exceptional quality.



Erin: What are your customers loving?

Bindy: They love how it feels. The feedback we get is that they love the mattress, luxury mattress at factory pricing!! Our brand is all about luxury and quality, but not at the luxury price tag!!

Erin: What’s next for the company?

Bindy: Our goal is for everyone to know who Lunazen Sleep is. We want our luxury mattress in every household. We also work with local charities and organizations to give back to the community AND donating beds to kids in need!



Full disclosure...I’ve been enjoying my Lunzen King for 3 months and my sleep has improved dramatically. Tossing and turning has been scaled back considerably and I don’t wake up at 3am a sweaty mess. Now if Lunzen Sleep could just do something about the rambunctious puppy who loves to ambush me at all hours of the night – I’d be golden. 

If you think Lunazen might be your jam, check out their website and feel free to use my PROMO CODE ‘Pickles’ for 10% off your next purchase.



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