Four-Legged Feng Shui

Thursday, September 28, 2017


Style, substance — and four paws. Sound like an impossible scenario? The thing is, it’s totally not. Just ask our office mascot, Pickles: the reigning pooch of style and comfort, at the office and at home. Below are her main pointers for keeping your most important spaces looking and feeling fresh (with man’s best friend always by your side, obviously).

A pet bed that jives with your color scheme — and has a zip-off cover.

So many people simply grab whatever pet accessories they see first, without planning according to the overall aesthetic of your home (or office). While we applaud the commitment to keeping four-legged loves comfy and happy at all cost, the price you pay in harsh feng shui  (due, say, to a brown plaid dog bed right next to your fiesta-themed duvet) is much steeper than spending an extra half hour scoping out a pet bed that either blends (or beautifully contrasts) with the scene you’ve already set. And the zip-off cover? A fail-safe maintenance measure against the inevitable hair buildup.

A beautiful basket or bin for the entertainment.

Plus the leashes, harnesses, cat toys, tennis balls — and all the other little odds and ends that represent the four-legged extension of your heart. Since there’s no getting around the fact that the accessories come with the pet, you’ll need to keep them accessible. Enter the well-designed basket. In styles that run the gamut from natural fibers to bright prints, there’s an affordable, storage-friendly, and decor-loving pet toy holder for every space.

Plants that are not only safe in the event of consumption, but also out of reach.

Natural plant life in and around the home and office is a fantastic way to detoxify the air and balance out the arrangement of man-made creations. But before bringing plants into your home or office, it’s essential to make sure that your four-legged friend won’t get sick from, ahem, accidental, consumption. For extra insurance against your plants getting stepped in, on, or tragically spilled, try putting up shelves so that you can grace your walls with your new nursery finds. And while we’re chatting safety, here’s a list of gorgeous pet-friendly plants that will breathe fresh air into your space.

Areca Palm

Money Plant

Spider Plant

Purple Waffle Plant

Bamboo Palm

Variegated Wax Plant


Boston Fern

Dwarf Date Palm

Moth Orchid

 Barberton Daisy

Happy shopping! And enjoy your new (Pickles-approved) digs.

Written by Casey Dickson, community member. Rover is the nation's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.


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