It looks like Cambie is going to make a full recovery! The triple “SkyTrain” bypass surgery was a success and the area is now better than ever. Don’t worry, there is still plenty left from the old school Bohemian days. It was just given a buff and polish. Old classics like the Kino Cafe and the Dutch Wooden Shoe continue to keep us entertained and fed while new occupants such as Bier Craft and Las Tortas give us some great new choices. Speaking of which, Choices Market is still there for all those yummy organics! Word has it that the world famous Vij's could be on a move over to this neck of the woods too. More affordable than Shaughnessy, but not as edgy as Main, Cambie offers a great option to those looking for tree lines streets and a sense of community without being a $40 cab ride from the Roxy.
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