Baby It's Cold Outside

Monday, December 05, 2016

The month of December is upon us, which means that the holiday season has officially begun, and that the weather outside is indeed frightful. It’s around this time of year that many of us begin to question our sanity for choosing to call this wet and westerly patch of land our home. With dreams of packing up and seeking warmer waters swirling in our heads, these cold bones and dreary days can leave us feeling a little down. 

But just as every rose has its’ thorn, there are some upsides to the cold and wet weather. Powder is falling on the mountains, knitted blankets and cups of cocoa beckon us inside, and with the city blanketed in white this morning, there's plenty of cozy-ing to be done next to the roaring fire with family and friends.  We’ve complied ten of our favourite fireplaces on the Vancouver market right now to give you a little inspo… enjoy!

57 W 41st Ave

#PH3 – 1500 Howe St

3495 W 24th Ave

#204 – 1600 Hornby St

1265 E 28th Ave

1889 Matthews Ave

6062 Margeurite St

3187 W 43rd Ave

1087 Salsbury Drive

6349 Elm St 


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