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Thursday, April 25, 2013


I was dead set on working through a little theme for the first few entries into this blog series   My plan was "gastown heritage conversions."  This week I was brainstorming on last week's neighbor,   just a few doors down from Koret Lofts is Carrall Station, 1 East Cordova.  Can you guess in what elevator lobby the photo below, taken by Vancouver's Jeff Topham, is hung?


But as it were, plans change.  Things remain unexpected and my building this week is right out of left field.  Well, maybe just a little east.  Why the change of plans?  The building of the week is unique, and considering I have done over a dozen showings there these past few weeks, I thought it appropriate for week number two.  Sorry Carrall Station, The Edge is the building of the week.


Appropriately named, the Edge building sits at the corner of Alexander and Gore, on the Edge of Railtown and Gastown.  Clever, huh?  Cheezy name aside, it really is the best of many worlds.  Far enough from gastown to avoid some of the action related noise, yet close enough to be at the restaurants and shopping with just a 10 minute stroll.  Plus the building has some of the best views in the hood.  Overlooking the Burrard Inlet and north shore mountains sandwiched between the Port of Vancouver to the East, the convention center to the west.  It's a beautiful mix of urban industry and nature to gaze at.
The building is a purpose built loft, constructed in 1999.  Desgined by David Hepworth, it is probably the most used example of live/work in the city.  The building rises 10 storeys and the 165 units are home to residents, businesses and a combination of both.  You'll find designers, photographers, wood workers, sculptors, consultants and non-profits all operating from this address.  Most suites are all double height with originally built lofts and the building is very pro renovation - I've seen some awesome renovations in here this month.  The city of Vancouver also runs an artist live/work housing co-op in the western section of the building called Core.  It's a coveted spot to land if you're looking for that kind of thing, so get on the list!


The most unique part of The Edge is the amenities building.  If you've ever looked at a listing in the building you would have heard all about it.  It's the only one like it in Vancouver; 7000 square feet of pure artist bliss.  Inside the list goes on, a fully equipped; woodworking studio, metal shop, ceramics studio (with two kilns), print making shop, darkroom, recording studio and show space.  Oh ya, there's also a gym and storage too.  When I first heard about it, I expected to hear about astronomical maintenance fees in kind.  But no.  The space is funded with rental income from the storage units.  Storage in the building costs $40 a month and every dime goes to fund the shop.  This covers every thing from wood planers and saws to sound mics and clay knives.  The spot it totally stocked.  All for the use of it's residence, free of charge.  This is not only one of the biggest selling features of The Edge, it's what truly sets it apart.






For a purpose built loft, what it lacks in character made of bricks and beams, The Edge makes up for ten-fold with the people who live here.  Location, Features, View.  Today, there are 6 listings in the building.  Let me show you what I've seen all month long.


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