10 Dwell Approved Eco-Friendly Homes

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Green is good! These homes are serving as industry leaders when it comes to sustainable construction practices. We’ve compiled a list of ten of our favourite eco-friendly properties from the ever-enviable Dwell.com. Feast your eyes below!

All photos courtesy of Dwell.com.

1)   Paradigm – Vancouver, British Columbia

We would be remiss to not to include a local submission– this beautiful home can be found on our very own North Shore. Designed by BONE Structure, and outfitted with the most cutting edge green technology by Terra Mech. It’s the perfect blend of luxury and sustainability. Currently for sale, you can find out more information by clicking here or by contacting Shawn Lee at 604-218-6766.

2) LEEDing the Way – Santa Monica, California

This prefab gem by LivingHomes is packed to the brim with energy saving technology and was built with non-toxic and sustainable materials. Plus, the modern interior is damn sexy. Win-win-win!

3)   Deltec Homes – Pennsylvania

Taking design inspiration from the round construction of yurts, you won’t have to sacrifice style, luxury, or sustainability in this Pennsylvanian home. According to the owner, “The round structure provides better airflow while reducing surface area, reducing heat gain and loss ‘the shell is so efficient that we haven’t turned on our central heating system for the main bulk of the winter in three years’”.

4) House Pibo – Flanders, Belgium

This eco-friendly home appears to rise from the Earth itself, thanks to the green roof that meets the grass at gound level. Different plants can be grown depending on the season.

5) Tropik Works – Santa Cruz, Costa Rica

This off the grid home was designed to challenge the status quo when it comes to non-renewable energy and building practices. The end result: a chic, modern, and 100% sustainable home.

6) Tesla of Boulder – Boulder, Colorado

This is one of the most exclusive estates in Colorado. Located on a sprawling 14.77 acres of land, this home features amazing mountain views, rugged rock outcroppings, and quick access to private hiking trails that will transport you to gorgeous waterfalls and beyond.

7) The 10 Star Home – Cape Paterson, Australia

Aptly named, this home has a 10 star energy rating, is carbon positive accredited, and built with both building biology and zero waste principles in mind.

8) Sustainability Treehouse – Mount Hope, West Virginia

While not technically a ‘home’, this educational center sits atop a former coal mine. The center educates visitors about water and energy conservation as they ascend to the 125-foot rooftop high above the trees.

9) Casa CorManca – Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico

This Mexican home has an amazing vertical garden that absorbs 187kg of CO2 per year! Vegetation can help control temperature and humidity, in addition to providing gorgeous scenery.

10) Sustainable Luxury in Darien – Darien, Connecticut

More proof that luxury and sustainability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

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