NEST - The Next Generation Thermostat

Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's interesting how you can learn about the coolest products and gadgets in random places or places you wouldn't expect to learn about them.   My girlfriend and I went to see Flight last night at Scotia Theatres (pretty good movie!!)  We got there early enough to score the perfect seats and were watching the filler the theatres play before the movie and that's when I learned about Nest.  For $250 you can get this thermostat that learns your routines and schedules and saves you a some money.  By day 30 you can already see the differences in your usage.  You can even control Nest with your phone or log into your account online in case you forgot to change your settings while on holiday. Very cool!  Watch the video and click this link to see how Nest progess day to day and week to week.